OVER 25,000 Juices Sold!

REJU Juice has been in business since 2020. What started as a personal mission toward better health grew into a business naturally. Our founder Kelley Wolfe was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

After many years of suffering, Kelley learned the benefits associated with a healthy diet that included fresh fruit and vegetable juice daily. Friends and family recognized the change and began asking questions about the juice.

We only use locally sourced fruits and vegetables in our juice. We do not add any sweeteners or preservatives. Some enjoy our juice as a refreshing drink option while others use the juice to assist them during their health and fitness journeys. Influential trainers, doctors, and health enthusiasts in the city trust that we will provide fresh juice to their clientele each day.

Kelley Wolfe holds 2 degrees in business management and more than 10 years in hospitality and business management. Recently, Kelley was recognized by the Jefferson Parish community for her community work. Kelley also won the ASBCP Elevator Pitch Competition.

During our hands-on workshops, we create refreshing, natural juice to teach health and wellness and increase fruit and vegetable consumption.